Don and Motor

If I could have a do over in life one of the things I would do earlier in life is buy a boat! Some of the best times of my life were on my boat and where I met my wonderful wife. Although I had been Jet skiing for a couple of years I didn't,t really have much interest in getting a boat until a friend took me out in the San Francisco bay. We left from Oyster point marina and went over to Sam's in Tiburon to have lunch and a couple of cocktails, after lunch we went to Angle Island and moored in the center cove where we relaxed in the warm sun. The really cool thing about this trip is that it was November and although my friend got sick on his own boat because of the light chop on the way to Sam's I realized that I don't get sea sick which I thought I would after turning green in Fort Brag on a small Fishing boat in large swells when I was About 11 years old.

The Motor

The stock motor had 250 hp and propelled the boat at 57 in perfect conditions. I pulled the stock Mercruiser Magnum 350 motor out of the boat with less than 20 hours on it to install the new blower motor built with a 4 bolt main truck block. Building a boat blower motor in unlike building a street motor as a boat motor may stay at full boost and melt exhaust valves.

Here is a list of the basic motor parts


One of the longest trips I have done was out to the Farralon Island which is about 22 miles from the Golden Gate bridge! This trip started out as a tour of the bay for my Dad and brother in law from Italy and our intent was not to go to the Farralon islands but we could see the Island from the Golden Gate which isn't always the case and off we went. My Scarab is a 22 foot wannabe off shore boat that cruses at 55mph as long as it isn't too rough. Once we were there we saw a small lighthouse a boat lift to lift the access boat out of the water and a few hundred seals lying around the rocky east facing side of the Island trying to avoid the Great white sharks that the area is known for. After spending about 40 minutes looking around we headed back towards the fog as we could no longer see land. Once we were about half way back we cold see land on both sides of the Golden Gate Bridge and felt a little revealed.


Julie and I left Oyster point on a Friday at noon on one of the big summer weekends headed to Tower Park Marina where we met a couple of years before outside the night club on a small deck overlooking the docked boats at the marina. One of the greatest things about traveling by boat is that there is no traffic and no speed limits in the open bay and delta, as went under the Bay bridge which looked like a parking lot as it did the San Rafael and Antioch bridge as they do almost every Friday afternoon, it was apparent the water was going to get us there a lot faster. We set the cruse at 50 mph almost all the way to Tower Park