I wanted a dirt bike when I was about 14 years old but my parents said no so a week after I bought my 1986 Chevy Silverado I purchased my first dirt bike a used Yamaha IT175 2-stroke. I purchased the dirt bike from J.R.Flynn which I worked for manufacturing windows. J.R. used to race enduro motorcycle races and had wonderfull stories to tell as will as the stories of riding at the PITS on Skyline blvd (hwy35) now known as Skegs point and a riding area in Pacifica both of which were closed when he sold me the bike. Before I went riding forthe first time I needed gear so Frank took me to Zoom cycles in Santa Clara where we picked out boots, pants, socks, jersey, chest protecter, knee gaurds, helmet, googles and gloves. I can still remember the feeling when the regester hit 600. I was thinking thats as much as I paid for the bike and about three weeks pay. Having never riding a motorcycle in my life I had a hard time going riding with my friends that have been riding and racing for quite a while. After a year I bought a new Huskavarna 250 2 stroke from South City Cycles and frank bought a 500 2-stroke both of these bikes turned out to be bad bike's. On one of our weekend riding trips to Hollister Hills I rode Marks CR250 and loved how easy it was to lift the front end with the throttle and how light it felt. I bought a used 1987 CR250 and road it all the time and started doing Enduro races. In 1988 I purchased a new Honda CR250 and a Honda Hurricaine 600 street bike

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