My first job in the bay area was working for a company called Tekna. Tekna encouraged employees to get dive certified especially for people working with the life critical areas. I was one of the few people at Tekna that was capable of calibrating and testing the Swiss movements in the depth gauges and knew the full assembly process of the breathing regulator and also did the final testing before they went out the door. I got certified by Wallin's dive store in San Carlos my final dive was in the Monterey Bay. Being a very expensive sport I was only able to afford to what Tekna made and that helped a lot but I still didn't do a lot of diving until Julie got certified. Once Julie was certified we both got advanced certified and did some diving off of our boat in the Monterey Bay. Julie was also pretty brave or naive and we went out and did a couple of night dives in front El Torritos Monterey Bay. We also did a lot of diving off the shore from break water peer. The best diving we probably ever have done was on the island of Cozumel Mexico the reef there is protected by the Mexican government and was very beautiful.