I have had an interested in woodworking since the age of 12. My mom sold craft items at craft fairs in fresno and I was facinated by some of the venders at the different events she would attend and thought it might be a good bussiness but quickly realized the increadible amount of time involved and lost interest in wood art as far as a bussiness goes . I did buy a scroll saw and cut parts for my mom's oven rack pullers that were shaped like a key that allowed you to pull yiour oven rack out with out burning yourself that she painted and sold. When I was in highschool and took woodshop which oas one of my favorite classes and had a teacher that toaught and gave me things to think about that had nothing to do with woodshop. He would make shre our projeste were perfictly sanded before going into the finishing room . After highschool I did not do any wood working for several years . When I started working making windows for J.R.Flynn company my woodshop safty knowledge came into play ,altow I learned a few lessond about cutting aluminum the hard way. After starting My bussiness in 1988 I fouundmyself wouking with wood once again but more on the construction finish carpentary side of things. I have collected upper end woodworking tools and have made a custom solid maple entertainment center and made kitchen cabenets which pretty much paid for all my woodworking tools

Powermatic 10" tablesaw

Powematic 10" 3Hp Table Saw

Maple Entertainment center


Mahogany Jewelry Box