1993 Yamaha Superjet

superjet motor

I don't remember why I wanted a Jet ski but when I started doing research on which one to buy everyone said to buy a Kawasaki but the Yamaha seemed to be dominating the racing scene at the time. My girlfriend at the time took me to lake Berryessa for the weekend and we rented both the Kawasaki and Yamaha both in stock form. Having never road a Jet ski in my life this was a good comparison if you could call it that. The Yamaha was a little faster handled better , had smoother lines and seemed to be better built. The following week I picked up the 1993 Yamaha Superjet. After purchasing the Superjet I had to install a flush kit and bilge for riding in salt water. Some of the of the other modifications to the Superjet were a after market exhaust ,ride plate scoop grate propeller high compression head and unrestricted water box. The modifications made the Superjet a lot more fun! My Superjet spent a lot of time in the bay in Redwood City where I would ride out as far as the San Mateo bridge north and Dunbartin South. The Redwood City harbor was always a experience with the big ships coming and going .


One of my friends and his girlfriend were pro BMX racers and his girlfriend won the series and the prize was a new Kawasaki 550 Jet ski. They had no interest in the ski and gave it to me for 1000. The only flaw with the ski was the scratched bottom from being dragged from the different races throwout the year. Aside from adding a bilge pump and flush kit this ski remained stock.

Kawasaki 550


Julie and I purchased this ski from close friends to have a extra ski for the kids. The motor in the ski was great but the handling was terrible



In 2008 Julie and I were so busy with the kids and Dirt bike Racing the skis were on the back burner until I rode a slightly modified SXR800. We were at lake Berryessa camping at Puta Creek and next to us was a kid from Sacramento with a ski I had never seen before it had a huge exaust pipe on it that looked like a two stroke motorcycle pipe. Later on in the day he let me ride it, the acceleration on it was incredibile I let off before it reached top speed because it was too fast, when I let off the throttle I almost went over the bars as I was not prepared for its fast decelleration that was non existent in any of my ski's or boat I have ever been in. Now I can't wait to get one of these bad boys, so in doing research I find out these have never been sold new in California and I would have to find one from out of state. The one I got was purchased in Arizona and not used very much and was completely stock. The first ride of this was stock ski was fun but way off of the modifier ski I rode. The stock ski has 75 hp and with a wet pipe and head it puts out around 100hp. Of all the toys I have ever had I never get tired of this one and don't have to worry about head ons and broken bones I have experienced dirt bike riding.

After the purchase of SXR800 we sold the Kawasaki 550 and the 750 as the choice ski's were the SXR and Superjet